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Were you injured by a defective product?

When regarding product liability, one of three potential product “defects” guides the lawyer’s case. These defects are categorized into warning defects, manufacturing defects, or design defects. The first among these, warning defects, applies to products on which a warning label … Continue reading

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Motorcyclists more likely be severely injured

Annually, over 60,000 motorcyclists are injured in traffic incidents in the United States and of those, nearly 4,000 are killed in traffic accidents. Just in the past month here in Bartow County, Georgia, we have had two separate motorcyclists who died as … Continue reading

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Seek an attorney if involved in a trucking accident

A good friend of our firm is in the midst of teaching his third daughter how to drive. Just the other day, it was time to take her onto the interstate and get her some experience dealing with the higher … Continue reading

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Personal injury attorneys help protect your rights

Thanks to movies and television, Hollywood has convinced many that lawyers exist for just the rich and powerful. Because of this, attorneys with insurance companies are quick to use that perception when trying to get a quick settlement on an … Continue reading

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Could a simple shove land you in jail?

When we hear someone arrested for assault and battery, it conjures up the worst images in our minds of bruised eyes and busted lips. In many cases, those thoughts are warranted. But, do you know the difference between 1st degree … Continue reading

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Minor in possession

O.C.G.A § 3-3-23, states that, “No person under 21 years of age shall purchase, attempt to purchase, or knowingly possess any alcoholic beverage.” However, what most people do not realize, is that possession of alcoholic beverages for consumption by someone … Continue reading

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Why you need a personal injury lawyer when involved in a car accident

This is a true story. The names have been removed to protect the innocent. A client of ours came to us after having been in a car accident. The other party had pulled out in front of him and our client had … Continue reading

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