Seek an attorney if involved in a trucking accident

A areas_trucking_accidents 2good friend of our firm is in the midst of teaching his third daughter how to drive. Just the other day, it was time to take her onto the interstate and get her some experience dealing with the higher travel speeds and how to navigate lane changes. At one point, they found themselves boxed in on three sides with tractor trailers and only the right shoulder open. At one moment, the truck traveling in the middle lane began to drift into their lane and they had to move to the edge of the shoulder before the trucker corrected.

Needless to say, a young, inexperienced teen driver found her heart slamming into her chest, thinking they just avoided getting side-swiped by a big rig! In this case, nothing happened, but it shows how quickly a normal day can turn to tragedy.

If you or a family member has been victim to a trucking accident, Blake Scoggins, LLC will come to your aid. This is a very serious type of claim that usually involves serious injuries and sometimes even death. A claim of this magnitude, although similar to an everyday car accident, can be much more difficult and complex. Most trucking companies carry commercial insurance as opposed to your typical car insurance. However, as with most insurance companies, they will try to give you as little compensation as possible, especially a case with serious injuries from a negligent truck driver.

Most trucking companies will almost immediately send their investigators to the accident scene. You will need to have your own expert investigators on the scene as soon as feasibly possible in order to show what happened from your point of view and to deter any form of bias that may harm your claim. We can help you with getting an expert to the scene and help build your claim.

Failure to maintain the tractor and/or trailer in proper working order, failure to maintain lane, texting while driving, drinking while driving, exceeding regulated driving hours, and blowouts are just some of the factors that could lead to one of these devastating accidents. Do not let these negligent factors keep you or your family from getting the compensation that you deserve. Call us today at 770-877-2258 or use our Contact Us form on our website.

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