Why you need a personal injury lawyer when involved in a car accident

AutoAccidentwithAmbulanceThis is a true story. The names have been removed to protect the innocent. A client of ours came to us after having been in a car accident. The other party had pulled out in front of him and our client had no way of stopping in time. His car was totaled and he required medical attention, necessitating an ambulance to take him to the hospital. Here was a perfect example of two different claims happening simultaneously — property damage and personal injury.

As is typical, after the smoke cleared and the investigations completed, the offending party’s insurance company quickly drafted a document and cut a check to compensate our client for the vehicle. The offer was a joke. Our client didn’t know that. He believed the other person’s insurance company was heroic for getting him a check in such a short amount of time. But, because we were involved from the onset, we were able to not only reject the offer, but also able to negotiate with their high-priced attorneys (attorneys whose job it is to protect the profitability of the insurance company) and get a new offer nearly 10 times larger than the first. In a perfect world, any citizen should have been able to negotiate a fair and reasonable payout to compensate for their totaled vehicle. However, in our current climate, you need the skills a qualified attorney brings to the table.

In this same situation, by negotiating a much larger and equitable settlement for the property loss, we have established a relationship, putting the insurance company on notice that we expect the offer to compensate our client’s personal injuries to be much more in-line with what is fair and reasonable. Contrary to Hollywood, personal injury lawyers are not looking for windfall lawsuits meant to bankrupt insurance companies. Personal injury attorneys work hard to get fair settlements to adequately cover the medical bills, pain and suffering incurred by our clients.  We simply want to make sure the rights of the injured are not “bought off” by someone trying to protect the profits of their employer.

If you’re involved in a car accident, you may be entitled to a recovery for your damages. Property damage is usually settled fairly quickly between you and the insurance company. The personal injury is usually not as quick. If you are injured and received medical treatment, then medical records will need to be requested by all of your medical providers in order to properly evaluate your claim. As demonstrated above, seeking an experienced lawyer will improve your standing with the insurance company.

Call the attorneys at Blake Scoggins, LLC today to see what they can do for you and your claim. Don’t let the insurance company compel you to act alone. We can help you today.

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