When a marriage ends, you need the right attorney to help you

It’s a matter of statistics that for every marriage taking place this year, a little over half of them will end in divorce. Sometimes a couple just grows apart. Other times, both parties realize they have made a mistake. And, in some cases, the actions (or misdeeds) of one spouse make it impossible for the other spouse to continue in the marriage. Regardless of the reasons, having a skilled family law attorney at your side will help protect your rights and ensure a fair and equitable split.

If you are thinking about a divorce, a Petition to Divorce will need to be filed on your behalf with the court. Along with this, there will need to be a domestic relations financial affidavit, child support worksheets (if applicable) and more. Even if both parties are approaching the divorce in an amicable manner (uncontested), it’s important to have all of the paperwork filed properly with the court. And in cases of a potential fight (contested), it’s even more important.

Although you can file for divorce pro se (represent yourself), it would be beneficial for you to seek advice from an experienced lawyer to help you though this stressful time. Many pro se divorce cases will leave important factors out and a judge will send you home without a final judgment and decree for divorce. In order to avoid this, you should contact the attorneys of Blake Scoggins Law. We have handled numerous divorce cases, dealing in a variety of scenarios.

In Bartow County, Georgia, the Cherokee Judicial Circuit requires soon-to-be ex-spouses, to attend mediation prior to final settlement or judgment. Most of the time, there will be a temporary hearing on certain issues, a mediation, then a final hearing. If a case settles at mediation or prior to mediation, an order may be presented to the presiding judge for their signature. If not, then a hearing will need to be held.

Whichever the path, we can help you through this entire process. Our goal is to make sure you are treated fairly and judiciously within the confines of the law. Give us a call today for a free initial consultation.

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